About Us

Quaid R. Mobus Foundation

Quaid Mobus sustained major damage to his spinal cord after an accident on his four-wheeler, the night before his sister’s wedding.  The challenges Quaid and his family faced were insurmountable.  With the help of family and friends, and the medical community, Quaid is alive today to tell his story.  Living as a quadriplegic brings difficulties unimaginable to most, yet Quaid pushes forward not only to better himself but to help others.  His foundation is dedicated to coming to the aid of other families suffering these pains.  The Quaid R. Mobus Foundation is dedicated to providing support, assistance, information, education, resources and most of all hope to families afflicted with spinal cord injuries.

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To donate to the Quaid R. Mobus Foundation:


Quaid R. Mobus Fund

In addition to supporting others, Quaid himself is still in need of ongoing support to sustain his medical needs. His family is grateful for your assistance. Donations to the Quaid Mobus Fund will be used for Quaid’s direct care including medical supplies as well as specialized transportation and housing needs.


We honor and thank so many who have supported us in our time of need.


The Michael Bruce Fund

We wish to honor and give special thanks to Gene and Pat Kirkwood and The Michael Bruce Fund. for their ongoing support. Gene Kirkwood and his wife Pat are angels on earth.  Still to date, he makes visits to Quaid. I can’t tell you how much those visits meant to us early on.  “Keep moving forward”, Gene would always say.  “No time for self-pity. Just move forward.” He and His wife Pat will forever have a special place in our hearts. The Quaid R. Mobus Foundation works in conjunction with the Michael Bruce Fund to support families impacted by spinal cord injuries.


The Carl Riccio Trust

Carl Riccio is a wonderful example of turning tragedy into triumph. After sustaining a life changing spinal cord injury, he rethought his path, changed his goals and redefined success. Today, he’s a restaurateur and a graduate of Seton Hall University Law School. He is able to live life on life’s terms!